Güldenkron Fruchtsaft GmbH
A family business with an eye to the future

Tradition meets innovation: Together with our committed employees, we have created a company that’s steeped in tradition and which serves as an experienced partner for our industrial and commercial customers. Whatever the case, we guarantee that our approach is efficient and competent. We produce quality products that are in strict compliance with the HACCP concept’s hygiene criteria and use the latest production and filling techniques. Thanks to our many years of experience in manufacturing and product development, a large number of juice creations, smoothies,

blendings, juice-mix drinks, freshly brewed teas, nectars, highly viscous juice concentrates and much more are already available for our customers and our own product range. With our 100 years of experience in the juice business, we create products with a sunny and fruity kick of freshness. We are constantly expanding our range of services and optimising the efficiency and environmental compatibility of our production processes. Customers and consumers throughout Europe value this quality.

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Our philosophy
Creativity – perfection – sustainability

We make high-quality juice products from valuable fruits. The latest technologies and consistent sustainability are needed to meet the high quality standards. Our company has been in existence since 1910. In our company philosophy, the family (which includes our employees in the broadest sense of the word) and the preservation of our valuable resources play a very important role.

Güldenkron quality results from the interaction between appreciation and innovative strategies. The future can come! The latest technologies and constantly evolving work processes preserve the natural quality of the fruit and process it with care. In this way, the product’s healthy energy can be maintained and conserved. Güldenkron Fruchtsaft GmbH is an IFS 6.0, BIO and Fairtrade-verified company.

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Our production process is natural and sustainable

Our technologies and work processes meet ecological parameters at a new level. By using green electricity and generating process steam with CO2-neutral wood pellets, we operate our plants in a completely self-sufficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

In this way, we create quality products and reach a new level of sustainability.

Press report on CO2-neutral heating system.


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